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Happy Birthday, Cookie Sister!

Radiation Level:  7.1

Listening To:  Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction

Cookie Girl must have been about 7 here.  We were “cookie sisters” because whenever she stayed with me, we’d make those cookies in the roll that you cut and bake.  WE LOVED THEM.  Such a simple pleasure.  I so wish she was still here.  At 34, she surely would have calmed down.   Surely…

I didn’t go to her grave today.  To be honest, her birthday snuck up on me.  My mother called me yesterday and left a message to “wish her a happy birthday”. On April 6th.    I paused.  Wait, isn’t it the 7th?  Yes, April 7th.  You’d think my mother would remember what day she gave birth.  But memories shift and reorganize.  Like the earth’s crust.  Because memory – and sand –  is imperfect.  It is human.  And fallible.

Here’s to all of us missing the ones we loved.  It is part of our life.

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