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This is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System.

Radiation Level:  Getting tested on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Listening to:  http://youarelisteningtolosangeles.com/ (ambient music with LAPD Police Scanner – sounds strange but awesome and oddly addicting)

The SAN ONOFRE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT is doing an earthquake/tsunami test.  Good thing, because it is the nuclear reactor that is nearest to my house.  But I’m sure Fukushima in Japan did safety tests, too.  How do you test for a thirty-foot-high tsunami moving at the speed of a jetliner?  YOU DON’T.

My heart breaks for those in Japan who continue to pick through the wreckage and suffer aftershocks as big as 7.1.   So why are nuclear plants built on coasts, at risk for tsunamis in the first place?  The theory is that if a meltdown occurs, a lot of the radiation will be dispersed over the ocean and not over well-populated areas.  Makes sense until you see any of the tsunami footage from Japan.  Looking at those photos, coastal nuclear facilities seem like a terrible, repugnant idea.

But I’m wondering if there isn’t some type of radiation leak currently at San Onofre.  As I was doing research on the area’s topography, I found out that the San Onofre beach is clothing optional.

That’s right.  A NUDE BEACH next to a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Okay, back up.  I don’t want to be overly judgmental.  I enjoy being naked.  It feels good, freeing, natural.  But only if there aren’t a lot of mirrors or strangers around.  Is it me, or are the people at nude beaches exactly the people you DON’T want to see naked?  Maybe I don’t truly understand the whole nude concept.  Maybe it’s not supposed to be about interaction (visual or otherwise) with other nuders.  Maybe it’s about the experience of being naked, unrestrained by societal constrictions and puritanical ideals.  An  F.U. to all that is regulated.  But I’m sorry, how can a woman be naked around naked men and not feel creeped out when they start staring or talking to you?  (huge chills descending my spine right now)

Well, for those of you who share my curiosity, the website for San Onofre Beach offers some tips:


  • DON’T GO OUT OF ESTABLISHED NUDE AREAS or wander nude onto a clothed beach or parking lot. Our ability to use the beach nude depends on our staying
  • within the traditional Clothing Optional area. Nudity is only tolerated at San Onofre State Beach south of the wash located about 300 yards south of Lifeguard tower 6.
    However, sexual conduct in any public place is illegal and will not be tolerated at San Onofre State Beach. What does the law say?
  • DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH PEOPLE without their permission. No one wants to end up in a stranger’s photo album, and certainly not on the Internet. Hidden cameras are especially objectionable. NEVER photograph children without first asking their parents for permission.
  • RESPECT OTHERS’ PRIVACY. Many are at the beach for quiet and relaxing time. Gawkers and pickup artists are not welcome.
  • If a person seems unaware of beach etiquette, explain it, kindly and plainly. Their objectionable or ILLEGAL behavior can cost us this beach. It may be helpful to enlist the support of others when confronting these individuals.

We’ll see tomorrow how the test goes and if people continue to take off their clothes…


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