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A Walk to Beautiful

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While listening to the occasional beep of my Geiger counter, I watched this doc A Walk to Beautiful on Nova last night.  So powerful and amazing.  If you click the link, you too can watch it online.

About a year or so ago, I got an evite from RosieGirl about a party she was hosting to benefit women suffering from fistula.  What’s a fistula, I asked.  RosieGirl demurely looked away and instructed me to go to the website The Fistula Foundation. If you don’t want to click, I’ll just tell you:

An obstetric fistula develops when blood supply to the tissues of the vagina and the bladder (and/or rectum) is cut off during prolonged obstructed labor. The tissues die and a hole forms through which urine and/or feces pass uncontrollably. Women who develop fistulas are often abandoned by their husbands, rejected by their communities, and forced to live an isolated existence.

Oh, female biology!  What a cruel joke women’s bodies can be.  The good news – there are doctors helping these women and you can help too.  After watching the doc, especially seeing the story of 17-year-old Wubete (whose bladder was so damaged that even after having fistula surgery, she must wear a plug in her urethra) I really admired RosieGirl for putting that party together and organizing her friends to donate to this cause.  Inspiration comes in bits and pieces.  You have to put on your catcher’s mitt and grab it when you can.

It’s so easy for me to mope around, feeling disappointed by this town and the economy and getting older and the list goes on.  But I’m not incontinent.  I haven’t been shunned by my village.  I have many friends and opportunities.

I have a voice.

Wubete, one of the fistula patients who appears in the film, reached her own personal "beautiful" when she began a new life working at a center for orphaned children following her treatment. Photo credit: Courtesy Engel Entertainment


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