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Warm Weather

Radiation Level:  85 degrees

Listening To:  Money’s Too Tight To Mention by Simply Red

Los Angeles is known for being warm.  But this year has been cold.  Okay, cold for us.  Nights have dipped in the 30’s and 40’s in April, which is pretty unheard of.  And now, like a god flipped a switch, it’s HOT.  And it makes me happy.  Note to self – go get a pedicure.   Bring extra dollar bills for the tip, it’s going to be a big job.  And few twenty’s to pick up some new sandals, yay!

I was at a wedding yesterday in Glendale.  Outdoors, no breeze, at a lovely home with all the alcohol you could guzzle – guess what?   A woman fainted.  Mostly from the heat.  Easy to do.  But in April?

A breeze in the heat makes me feel nostalgic.  I don’t know what for.  Maybe one of those tropical vacations I used to take. Hawaii.  Great Barrier Reef.  Zanzibar.   Yes, definitely for those.

No holidays this month, though.  Only work.  But the breeze and heat somehow make it easier.

Ahh, Zanzibar...Can smell the vanilla in the air.


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