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Oooooh, Craigslist FAIL!

Radiation Level:  Imminent or Elevated, You Pick

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Hey!  If you haven’t checked out FalloutGirl’s other blog CRAIG’S LIST:  FAIL, now is a great time to do so.  This blog is where I answer REAL Craig’s list ads for writers.  Yes, as a writer looking to supplement my income, I peruse this list daily.  And nearly daily, I’m laughing at the crazy things people want writers to do.  I’ve sent numerous letters out and today, I got my first answer back!   My reply is in RED.  Here it is:

Seeking sci-fi writer

Reply to: gigs-puqwz-2319732524@craigslist.org

Seeking an author/co-writer for an original science fiction story I am currently working on. Looking for a fresh take on the material I’ve created thus far.

Offering $100 for collaboration on the current synopsis/treatment to start. Depending on how that goes, we can negotiate next steps and subsequent payments after phase 1.

Please send along any references or examples of your work. I’m hoping the person I work with will come on as a partner as I begin pitching the idea toward the various mediums.

Dear Need a Sci-Fi Writer,

Before we start writing together, I need to confess to you that I have been abducted by aliens numerous times over the last several years.  The weird thing is, during my last abduction, the alien Horfbo told me he wanted me to write down and share his story.  Horfbo comes from a planet that was ruined by pollution and radiation (so like earth, right?) and has no home and is forced to roam through space.  Abductions are his only form of social interaction.  They had something like Facebook on his planet, but it no longer works from the radiation.) 

Me finding you on Craigslist is an amazing opportunity for both of us!  I know you are the right person to help me tell Horfbo’s story.  I’m really looking forward to working together.  If you’d like me to arrange an abduction by Horfbo, please let me know.  (He doesn’t do anal probes or anything anal at all, so don’t worry)


Dear Fallout:

This is Captain Ty Garet of the Streamline 7 corresponding on behalf of Tom H.  Though Tom has already found a potential collaborator for the project he posted, he was intrigued by your communication and Horfbo’s plight.  With that, he has asked me to contact you in the hopes that the two of you can stay in touch in case further opportunities emerge.

In the spirit of sharing, the following is a link to the source material Tom is busy developing: http://rescuethedead.com/index1.html



Horfbo said that would be fine.


If you’d like to read my other Craigslist letters, click HERE.

Horfbo. He's pretty on the inside.


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