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So my manager wants to work on my branding.  Yes, branding for me as a screenwriter.  Because Hollywood just got that competitive.  This is the kind of stuff they don’t teach you in film school.  Part of my branding is that “I’m writing a non-fiction book”.  Even if it’s only a few pages of notes on a cocktail napkin, I’m to always mention “I’m writing a book”.  Did you get that I’m “writing a book”?

Now I just have to figure out what the book should be about.

The prankster in me wants to come up with a purely insane title.  The Evolutionary Development and the War of Social Media Sites.  What does that mean?  Nothing.  Literary Archetypes, Tribal Behavior and the History of the Pineapple.  Again, nonsense.  Strict Machine.  That’s actually the name of a Goldfrapp song.  Mary Had A Little Lamb. Okay, it’s been done.

Let’s back up.  What would FalloutGirl LIKE to write about?  Let’s see…

Probably something to do with the 19th century.  Wacky Victorians.  My fantasies of being a wacky Victorian.  The problems I encounter as a screenwriter in 2011 who fantasizes about being a wacky Victorian.  Scratch the Victorian angle, FG!  Okay, I like cryptozoology, but I’m no expert.  Why can’t I like Vampires and Zombies?  I like my iPhone, but I don’t think that’s a book.  Oh God, I’m not cut out for this!

Let me turn this around.  What would you, smart, savvy avid blog readers like to read about in a non-fiction book?  Please reply.  I can’t do this on my own…


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