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I Want You To Have It…

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I teach a class about Leonardo Da Vinci to “gifted” kids.  It’s a really fun class, not conceived by me.  In fact, some of the kids know a heck of a lot more about Da Vinci than I do.  In addition to being an artist, the rennaisance man was an inventor and engineer.  One of the things he designed was a “dam from the sea to Florence in order to allow a supply of water to sustain the canal during all seasons.”  – Wiki

So, to help understand how dams and aqueducts work, we build models in class using clay, straws, water bottle caps, craft sticks and today I added plastic frogs and snakes.  Just for fun.  And then we test them with – you guessed it – water!

Side note:  The schizophrenic sitting behind me is starting to get on my nerves.  He keeps shouting, “Ow, my leg!” in between singing songs he’s making up.  Gotta love being out in public…

Here’s one of the aqueducts:

 Not terribly fancy, but excellent use of snakes!

This one is totally souped-up!  Nice!

And this one I found very creative.  I was excited by its 3-demensionality and gushed over it.  Most students keep them pretty flat.

After class, the boy who created this aqueduct approached me.  He said he would like me to keep his project, since I was so interested in it.  I asked him if he wouldn’t rather show his parents (ie. what the heck am I going to do with it??)  And he replied that he wanted me to have it.  Thank you, I said.

After cleaning up and racing out of the class, I got to my car to realize I had left the damn dam in the classroom.  A moral dilemma:  do I go all the way back to get something I’m just going to throw away OR risk the boy coming back into the room to find that I had carelessly forgotten his gift?

I went back to get it.


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