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Radiation Level:  Evolving

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Today I’m subbing for a science class.  6th graders (bless you full time teachers out there!) and 8th graders (such nice kids).  The 8th graders are studying my favorite subject of all time:  EVOLUTION!!

I mentioned to the students that I’ve been to Charles Darwin’s house and yes, he did marry his 1st cousin who was very religious and struggled to support her husband when he finally decided to publish Origin of the Species.

Today the class is focused on Natural Selection and I had the blissful opportunity to draw finch beaks on the board.

Okay, I'm not artist, but you get the idea.

We discussed phenotypes which is any observable characteristic or trait of an organism: such as its morphology, development, biochemical or physiological properties, behavior, and products of behavior (such as a bird’s nest). And genotypes which are the inherited instructions an organism carries within its genetic code.  I’m in high heaven…

The thing that baffles me about people not understanding (or, dare I say it, not believing in) evolution is that it isn’t rocket science.  It’s not that difficult to comprehend that if large nuts are in abundance on an island, the birds with large, wide beaks able to crack open the nut will survive and reproduce.  The ones with long, narrow beaks will not.  That’s natural selection in a nutshell. Pun intended.

I’m thinking of writing a children’s play about Darwin’s daughter Annie as she explains evolution.  Maybe even make it a musical.

Ahh, but I dream…

Annie Darwin was a second soprano

Here’s a little video of friend of mine who fancies herself an “evolutionary expert”.  She can dream, too.


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  1. * pccoder says:

    I agree with your comment on people’s inability to comprehend the simple idea of evolution. My brother in law, from Alabama and deeply “religious”, once told me “I don’t believe in that ‘Evolution’ nonsense”. I found it stunning that he, a deer hunter, doesn’t believe in evolution. Does he believe the deer who try to run and hide when they hear him hiding in the trees just happened to be made that way? Is it not obvious to him that they may have developed that attribute through millenia of being hunted?

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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