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Radiation Level:  Neurally Transmitted

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More science.  Today:  NEURONS!  I helped the kids build models of the cell nucleus, dendrites, axons and axonal terminals.  Here’s some we made out of modeling clay:

These are made with pipecleaners

Today’s class was with “gifted” 5th graders.  More boys than girls, but I was impressed at how interested the girls were at looking at the sheep brains.

 They even wanted to touch them!  To which I said no.  (they will have an opportunity to dissect them next week)  It was interesting to think about the brains of fifth graders as we studied brains.  I’ve noticed that in 5th grade, they seem to ramp up their social game.  They enjoy chit-chatting with each other and there’s a lot less horse play with the boys (though still PLENTY).  But they are talkie.  And they ask me funny questions.  Today one girl asked if I had another job besides teaching.  I said, “Yes, I’m a screenwriter” which some of the boys apparently heard as “scream writer”.  They demanded to know what a scream writer was and how do you write screams.  I clarified.  Then one boy who casually mentioned he “used to be emo” said to me, “You look like a police sheriff”.

I’ve been told I look like many things and people, not all of them flattering, but no one’s ever said I resemble a sheriff.   I was a tad offended at first, but then I took it as a compliment.  I decided he said that because I looked tough and powerful and badass.  Who knew?

Geez, FalloutGirl - haven't you ever looked in a mirror?

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