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If you’re a female screenwriter or director or producer, you know there was a lot at stake this weekend.  Every woman in Hollywood was on the edge of her seat waiting to see how Bridesmaids would open.  It didn’t beat Thor but the good news is that it took in $10 million more dollars than expected, to come in #2 at the box office.  GIRL POWER!

You see, mostly men run film studios and men want to make movies about men.  I even had a manager/producer tell me that no studio will make movies about women anymore.  Because..?  Women don’t go see movies?  Women only see movies that men make them see?  Something about mixing estrogen with the chemicals in movie theater popcorn gives them cervical cancer?   The answer is apparently, they don’t make money.  Seriously?

To prove these men wrong, my girlfriends and I wanted to show support for the chick-flick.  RioGirl sent an email asking if she should rock a hot pink bridesmaid dress and after BatGirl double-dog-dared her, it was on!  We would comb through our closets or the Goodwill to find the most awful, taffeta pink bridesmaid dresses we could find.

My eureka moment came at the Goodwill in West LA on Santa Monica Blvd.  The first pink dress I saw just happened to be my size and despite it being strapless (I hate strapless dresses, you end up spending the whole night pulling up the bodice for fear of having a wardrobe malfunction), it fit me like a glove.

FalloutGirl is on the far right, in the floor-length gown. SNAP!

Standing in line outside the AMC in Santa Monica, people would come up and say, “What movie are you waiting for?”  Each time I answered “Thor”.

Inside the theater, two vaguely familiar teen girls came up to me.  “Oh my god, weren’t you our sub last week in science?”  Yes.  Yes, I was.  And now I’m sporting a ridiculous bridesmaid dress and goofy up-do in public.  Go education in America!

And another woman came up to me and said, “Oh, you look great!  I wanted my friends and I to dress up too, but they didn’t have the balls.”  Yep, I gots cajones. Maybe that’s what the men in Hollywood are afraid of – that given the chance, us gals will grow a pair.

And you thought Maya Rudolph was growing a baby...

THE MOVIEwas very funny and kept me laughing throughout.  It opens with a sex scene between Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm that was written/acted/shot from a woman’s perspective that is realistic, hilarious and uniquely representative of bootie-call sex.  I give mad props to Kristen for going for it.

Though not heavy on story or plot, there was a real grounded-ness in the characters and relationships.  Wiig’s character Annie was coming to terms with the fact that her relationship with her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolf) was irrevocably changing.  While Wiig’s character feels truly happy for her best friend when she gets engaged, she can’t help but long for the closeness they had, especially as her own life spirals downward.  And when Rose Byrnes’ bitch-o-rific Helen shamelessly tries to replace Wiig as Lillian’s new best friend, Wiig sinks deeper.  It’s a dynamic all women have experienced – and loathed.   And it makes for great comedy.

I recommend you go see it.  With women, in dresses.  Or boys in pants or dresses.  Or alone. Or however you want.  You’re sure to laugh.  And who couldn’t use that?


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  1. * FringeBoy says:

    No movies for women? What about Jane Eyre, Prom, Water for Elephants, Something Borrowed…

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago
  2. Those movies are the problem. None of them made money and moving forward, it’s a really tough sell. Hopefully, Bridesmaids will make them more viable.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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