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Electra Lives!

Radiation Level:  2000 Years Worth

Listening To:  Bizness by Tune Yards

From 1869 by Frederic Leighton

It started with a simple question:  Do you know anything about mythology?  Well, sure.  Who doesn’t?  Now I’m giving a presentation on Ancient Greece to 400 6th graders on Wednesday.  Did I mention that Wednesday is my birthday?  The whole thing sounded so daunting until I remembered I played Electra in my sketch comedy show Traditional Female Roles.  Then it hit me – I can be Electra AGAIN!  Wow, am I excited!

I dug through the closet and found the toga-style dress and the long black curly wig.  The last time I played Electra was about 10 years ago.  I was terrified the costume wouldn’t fit, but thank the gods, it did.  My sketch was called At Home with Electra and featured a typical middle class family only, the wife/mother was Electra – a very mournful, intense, woeful, short-fused Electra.  She is my favorite character I’ve ever played.  A huge smile came over my face as I looked at myself in the mirror.  But there’s no time to take a chariot ride down memory lane, I’ve got work to do.  So, costume:  check.  Wig:  check.  10 hand-made togas for kids to dress up in: check.  Content for lecture?  Better stop blogging and jump over to wikipedia…


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