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Mars Rover…Sort of.

Radiation Level:  54.6 million km

Listening To: Funky Donkey by the Beastie Boys

Today was a long day.  I was up at 6:45 am (if you know me, you know I consider anything before 10am early).  Jumped in the car and I was off to Altadena.  5 classes of elementary students.  The science lesson was on the Mars Rover, which is pretty cool, I have to admit.  And we’re all a bit sad that Mars Rover Spirit stopped communicating with us just a few days ago.  But thrilled with all the amazing images it sent.

The kids were very excited about making the Rover.  Until they found out they had to cut 6 wheels out of styrofoam.  The 1st and 2nd graders are still developing their dexterity and this was a difficult project for them.   At one point a little boy burst into tears.  “I can’t do it!  I can’t do it!” he howled.  I felt terrible.  Tears streamed down his face as I taped two straws to the plastic container that was to be the body of his rover.  “See, it’s done.  You’re doing a great job,” I said.  He wiped the tears from his face.  I’m thinking, maybe he’s going to be okay.  Then he covered his eyes with his hands and dropped his head onto the desk.  Maybe not.

I flashed back to my own childhood, remembering how I would get so frustrated with something, maybe a dance routine the older girls could easily perform.  I’d panic and then start crying like it was the end of the world.  Patience is a bitter and cruel Goddess.

I made it through the day.  Modeling clay under my fingernails, the saliva of 150 kids on my fingers from the balloons I had to help them attach to the rover.  I slathered on the hand sanitizer and wolfed down some In-N-Out.  Ah, the weekend…


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