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No Heart Beat?

Radiation Level:  60 Beats Per Minute

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Our heartbeat is the most primal sound I can think of.  Your mother’s heartbeat is the first thing you hear as your ears develop in the womb. Even if you can’t hear, you can feel a heartbeat.  Heartbeat = Life.

It’s also the basis for percussion.  Rhythm, music, drums.  It all starts with the heartbeat.

But what if a living creature didn’t have one?  Now there’s an experimental artificial heart that doesn’t beat.  It whirrs.

An X-ray shows the dual turbinelike blood pumps replacing a man's failing heart.

According to NPR,  Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier at the Texas Heart Institute have tested their new heart machine not only on a calf, but on a man.  Though the man eventually died from other health issues, his fancy ticker was working great.  Wow.

With this heart, not only is there no heartbeat, there is no pulse.  Maybe Vampires aren’t so far fetched after all?

“A ventricular assist device has a screwlike rotor of blades, which pushes the blood forward in a continuous flow.”  This is exactly how my Mazda’s engine pushes gasoline.

Zoom, zoom!

Apparently blood needs to be pumped rhythmically instead of continuously due to the nature of the heart tissue.

“The pulsatility of the flow is essential for the heart, because it can only get nourishment in between heartbeats,” Dr. Cohn says. “If you remove that from the system, none of the other organs seem to care much.”

Wow again.  Kurzweil’s concept of “The Singularity” is really starting to make sense to me.  Especially since modern scientists are starting to be comfortable with the fact that nature isn’t the best designer.  As elegant as evolution is, it doesn’t necessarily create the most effective “machines”.

“When man first tried to come up with machines that flew, he looked around and saw bats and birds and butterflies and mosquitoes,” Cohn says. “Everything had wings that flapped.  When they saw that you could create wind, and that wind over a fixed wing was a great way to provide lift, then the whole field shifted,” Cohn says. “There are very few flying machines in modern times that have flapping wings. And I think this is the same intellectual leap in pumping blood or pumping fluids.”

A big leap indeed.  Enjoy that heartbeat while you still got it.

Read Feibel’s article here:


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