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Saudi Sistas Driving For Themselves

Radiation Level: 60 Miles An Hour

Listening To:  Baby You Can Drive My Car by the Beatles

Today, hundreds of Saudi Arabian women decided to defy their government and DRIVE!  Many faced arrest, shame and probably car accidents.  Not to mention, there’s a Facebook page encouraging Saudi citizens to BEAT any woman they find driving.  Yikes.  

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the middle east and Islamic culture and truth be told, I probably know very little about either.  But I love that these women are taking a risk because they know there’s a lot more at stake than just gaining the privilege to drive the kiddies to school.  Driving would be a huge cultural advancement for women. And men.

The way it works there now, is either the family has a driver to cart around the wife and kids (for about $400 a month), or a male family member does it or they take cabs.  Every day.  I can only imagine how expensive that is.   And inconvenient.  If I had to drive my wife and kids EVERYWHERE, I’d be exasperated.  I don’t know one parent who doesn’t rejoice when their kid gets a driver’s license.  Proof again that I don’t understand this very foreign culture.

So – if these Saudi gals earn the right to get a driver’s license, what will they do besides errands?  FalloutGirl has some suggestions.

Drive-In Movies.  Yes, you gals can have a movie night OUT!  That new flick Fatima Marries Her Octogenarian Cousin can now be enjoyed under the moonlit sky.

Drive-Thrus.  You ladies can take advantage of the pork-free Happy Meals awaiting you at the drive-thru window.  Don’t forget to ask for extra pickles!

Joy Rides.  Get speeding, ladies!  Race up and down those dirt roads, but watch out for camels.

Rock Out.  Pump up the jams in your cassette players.  Extra points to anyone who plays M.I.A.

Cruise Dudes.  Um.  Maybe this isn’t a great idea to do in a Muslim country.

Race through yellow lights.  Or stop at them.

Hit and run.  Rear-end someone then take off quick!

Get your homegirls together, eat some Garbonzo beans then drive around with the windows up and see who can take it the longest.

Drive everywhere backwards.

Get Gas.  Yes, experience those uncomfortable minutes waiting for the tank to fill while the other men getting gas wonder what’s under your burka.  

So little time.  So many miles.  Can’t wait to see what video emerges tomorrow!

In the meantime, you can watch this one from Al Jazera English:


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