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Bombshell Tonight: Modern-Day Medea

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Casey Anthony is everywhere.  During the trial, Nancy Grace’s viewership went up 100%.  ABC has just added Elizabeth Smart as their “missing child correspondent” or Nancy-Grace-in-training because missing children = $.  And after roughly four years, Ms. Anthony will be out of jail next week.

I have to admit, I’ve been obsessed with the case for the last three years.  Even stomaching the truculent, often leather-clad Nancy Grace.  Yeah.   How could such a sparkling young woman murder her own daughter?

It’s known that when Casey got pregnant, she wanted to have an abortion.  It’s also known that her mother Cindy objected.  Casey went through with the pregnancy, not even telling her own brother about the pending birth.  Of course he was able to figure it out, but his feeling of being left out led to his tearful testimony on the witness stand.

The Anthony home was clearly a place where the truth could not be spoken. Casey learned to lie.  To fabricate.  To prevaricate.  Why, I don’t know.  But I do think Casey murdered her daughter to get back at her mother for what she perceived as ruining her life.  Now one Anthony life is lost and all the Anthony lives ruined.  I see it as a Greek tragedy, similar to Medea who cooked up her own children and served them to Jason to punish him for his infidelities.

by Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys

Many people, often parents themselves, can’t imagine a woman could murder her own child.  But the Greeks knew the human psyche.  They were very clear about what horrible deeds humans were capable of committing.  And they went to the theater to see these cautionary tales.

Does this explain my 3-year obsession with this case?  Do I tune in to watch Casey Anthony because she’s my modern-day cautionary tale?   I don’t know.  I just hope there’s not a sequel.


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