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Countdown to Getting Smushed!

Radiation Level: Gym, Tan, Laundry

Listening To:  Beastie Boys Megamix by DJ Z-Trip

86 hours and counting until the PREMIER!

That’s right Guidos and Guidettes, The Jersey Shore is coming back on Thursday, August 4 at 7PM Pacific!  Just when FalloutGirl thought summer TV was BOR-ing, my favorite show is back.  Okay, I have lots of favorite shows, but this one is top 3.  At least top 5.

I’m really looking forward to watching this strange slice of culture shock.  These kids really identify with being Italian (even Snookie who is of Chilean ancestry), so I’m curious what they’ll think of the real Italy.  My guess is that, to them a party, is  a party, is a party (i.e. alcohol gets you drunk in any language) but I’m hoping their “summer abroad” is more impacting than just another smush.

I went to Europe the first time when I was 21.  My lovely auntie took me and I was astonished!  Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Paris thrilled and baffled me. I was so young and un-traveled, I had very few expectations.  I remember thinking how old the buildings were.  Hundreds of years old, some even older.  The walls were history in and of themselves.   The Seine, Notre Dam, Le Tour Eiffel and Sacre Coeur were beautiful.  I got to speak the small amount of French I knew to real, live, snobby French people who made fun of my accent.  I saw the Mona Lisa.  I descended down into the catacombs beneath Paris and saw a ghost.  I went to Anne Frank’s attic and was surprised that it was much larger than my high school theatre teacher led me to believe when I played Anne Frank in scene-study class. My teacher would yell, “Remember!  These people were packed like sardines! Feel the confines of the space!”  Okay, the real attic wasn’t exactly “roomy” and hiding from the Nazis is horrific, but I would say Anne’s attic is akin to a New York apartment – you get the picture.  And I had that ubiquitous experience of loving that Big Mac all those miles away from home.

For an American who grew up thinking the world revolved around us yanks, it was such an interesting, positive experience for me to see that the rest of the world is happy to exist on its own.  France, Germany and Holland have all been around longer than we have and that gives them a confidence in their culture that keeps them from longing to be an American (gasp!).  So I’m curious to see how JWow, The Situation, Sammi Sweetheart and the others experience a taste of their motherland.  Will they also eat at McDonald’s to get a taste of “home”?


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