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Where’s My Head?

Radiation Level:  Salmonella positive (EST.P-963 on label)

Listening To:  Breathe Me by Sia

Princess Kate’s beautiful wedding dress has been entombed memorialized and is on display for the world to see.  So why was the Queen of England heard saying it looked ‘horrible’ and that the dress was ‘made to look very creepy’?  I have a theory…

THE NECK.  WITHOUT A HEAD.  Makes anyone think of King Henry VIII and poor Anne Boleyn and her tragic fate.  I think this whole scary image would be different if the mannequin was missing a NECK as well.  Why have the neck at all?  Do you really need it?

But then, on a recent trip to the new Nordstrom’s in Santa Monica, I noticed an alarming trend in mannequins.  HEADLESS, SCARY, EVIL NECKS!

This is frightening to me.  Not to mention dangerous if there’s an earthquake. Take a closer look.

Egads!  At least the Royals didn’t choose this mannequin.  Then I started to notice other mannequins in Nordstroms.

This one has a head, but looks cold.

These just have knobs for heads.  And no clothes.  Why no clothes?

Then, wandering though Bloomies, I found these mannequins:

Okay, not super pointy, but the necks are extra long.  Clearly, having a neck without a head, is a trend.  Then, as I walked back out through Nordstroms, I found it!

The HEAD!!  It’s so bizarre they are keeping it under glass, as if they’re afraid of it returning to the mannequin.  Shopping shouldn’t be so creepy…

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