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Scripts are Blowing Up. Seriously.


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As if it weren’t hard enough to get read in this town.  Now I have to worry about lit agents calling in the bomb squad???  Not sure why this didn’t get covered on the local TV news, but I find it fascinating.  And frightening.  I’ve reposted the story below from the Los Angeles Times. 


Beverly Hills police blow up screenwriter’s laptop, script

August 11, 2011 |  1:31 pm 


BhBeverly Hills police blew up an aspiring screenwriter’s laptop and script when investigating a suspicious package Thursday morning on Rodeo Drive.

The screenwriter, who was not identified, apparently left his briefcase — with the computer and script inside — unattended at a talent agency office.  Beverly Hills Police Lt. Tony Lee said police, not knowing what was inside the briefcase, detonated it as safety precaution.

Lee said the owner was distraught when he learned what happened to briefcase.  The case was found near the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard.

Several streets were closed and nearby businesses were being evacuated, causing traffic jams in the area.

Sources familiar with the case said the man had been harassing the agency in an effort to get the script read and were concerned about “irrational comments” concerning the agency.  — Andrew Blankstein

Irrational comments?  It’s a friggen’ briefcase.  I think this post 911-mentality is being taken a little too far.  I know there are crazy writers who are obsessive and stalkery (just read the Facebook page for the Nicholl Screenwriting Competition – they had to actually BAN SOMEONE) But seriously, the BOMB SQUAD?  And why would the guy leave his laptop?  Did he mean to leave the briefcase? I guess crazy begets crazy.  

So now this guy doesn’t have a script anymore, unless he backed it up on a cloud somewhere.  Admit it, aren’t you just a little curious to read it? Maybe I should blow up my own script and see if I get in the news?  Man, this is a tough town.

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