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It’s Me…Or the Brain!!

Radiation Level:  Floating in Formaldehyde

Listening To:  Coal War by Joshua James

Okay, let’s catch up.  It’s the end of summer and the next few months are going to be busy – YAY!

1.  I’ve started writing (okay, I have one page, but it’s a start) my spec sci-fi TV pilot. The little research I’ve been doing on the web about cloning has been fascinating and I’m hoping the UCLA genetics center will let me drop by and ask some questions.  (What to expect?  Blog posts about cloning and my bitching and moaning about how hard writing is)

Come on FalloutGirl, you can do it!  Baa-a-a!

2.  I’m loving a new TV show called Dark Matters: Twisted but True on the Science Channel.  Check it out if you want to see the guy who stole Einstein’s brain and took it home in a lunch box.  BOOM!

It’s great on rye toast!

3.  I got a new job that Fallout Girl HEARTS.  I’m writing screenplays for bar mitzvah videos.  If you’re not familiar with the bar mitzvah industry, I’ll can tell you it’s thriving.  The newest craze is to make a short film starring the bar/bat mitzvah child.  Some of the films are spoofs on real movies and some are totally original.  I was dubious about getting story notes from a 12-year-old, but it turns out that I love it.  And my boss is great.  I hope there’s lots more to come.

4.  I’m going to be teaching a class to gifted kids where we’ll learn forensic science, then write a screenplay using the science and then shoot a movie!!  That is gonna be fun backwards and forwards (fun-nuf).

Lights, camera, gas mask!

5.  I’m *hoping* to make a little va-ca to Ireland and visit RosieGirl.  Not sure yet if it’s even a possibility, but could be a great time if I can get all the stars to align. (What to expect: Usage of all my airline miles and photos of cold but green Belfast)

A real castle. WOW!

6.   After the awesome theater experience I had in Arizona, I can’t help but think about writing another pl__.  God, I can’t even write the word.  Hmm.  I’ll have to keep thinking on that one.  (What to expect:  A new one-act pl__, if I can get myself to write the word)

So that’s the current scoop.  I’m hoping for lots of adventure.  Hear that, gods that be?  BRING IT!


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