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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Radiation Level:  Tonic and Phasic

Listening To:  Baby Love Child by Pizzicato Five

Dreams have always been important to me.  The sleeping kind.  I’m a big believer in the unconscious  world of symbols and that our dreams can tell us a lot.

Ohh, pretty!

Lately, I’ve been having lots of anxiety dreams.  Yes, considering my anxiety about my writing career and the state of the economy, etc. it makes sense.  In one dream, I was to be married into a polygamous cult against my will.  I was so panicked, I woke myself up shouting.  So you can imagine my joy to wake up this morning from a good dream.

I was on location shooting my film about Ada Lovelace.  It was low budget (the period costumes looked like they were purchased in the Halloween section at Target) but we were shooting!  My biggest dream come true!  AND Zooey Deschanel was playing the lead and she and I were becoming besties.  Yes, ZD and I were hanging out, laughing, having fun – sharing clothes – even singing together!  Oh, what a joy this was.  Other than the odd animation sequences that the director was working on (I have no idea how goofy animation could end up in a dream about making a film in Victorian England.  Freud?  Jung?  Anyone?), I was super excited.

So what – if anything – does this mean?  Well, I’ve been feeling pretty beaten down lately, as if each day that goes by, my hope for a successful writing career gets dimmer and dimmer.  The stress dreams clearly illustrate this.  But perhaps, for the first time in a while, I’ve allowed my brain to occupy success rather than failure.  In the safety of my sleep-state last night, I allowed my unconscious mind to play out my dream of making this film, maybe even to rehearse the event. This is something I haven’t allowed my waking mind to ponder in a while.  I don’t know if this portends anything about my career, but I sure do hope I have another one tonight…

Don’t worry FalloutGirl, I’ve got a good feeling about tonight.  XOXO Carl.  BTW – what do you think of the new suit?

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