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A lot is in the hopper. I’ve started writing my pilot.  I’ve decided to create a web show.  And I’m writing a book.  I guess it’s good to be inspired?

First, the TV pilot about clones.  No title yet. Just disparate characters coming together because the tie that binds them is the tie that may get them killed. Dystopic and violent, it’s about young people searching for their identity.   I’m confident that readers and (hopefully) viewers will relate to it.  But will they want to relate?  Personally, I feel that in order to find peace, humanity must embrace its own violent nature.  Sort of the way monks are encouraged to familiarize themselves with death and dead things to become comfortable with death.  Some Trappist monks spend their days building coffins.  Others make flutes out of human tibias.  Death is not denied, instead it is familiarized.  Easier said than done, of course and I am struggling with this as well as I search for my own identity.  Ultimately, identity is about how one lives.  Not your genes or your looks or your wealth/poverty.  We are defined by action.  We are made of stars.  This is going to be one fascinating journey!

The web show – this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!  Though currently untitled as well, each webisode will be me exploring the convergence of science and art to encourage young people (especially teen girls) to combine the two. Through interviews, experiments and visits to museums, science labs and artistic venues, I will constantly explore how science and art are connected and show how one inspires the other.  The first webisode is set to be shot at the spider pavilion at the Natural History museum.  Did I mention my arachnophobia?

Having second thoughts already...

The non-fiction book is going to be fun as well.  I don’t want to give the premise away quite yet but evolutionary development will be repackaged into something useful and exciting.


So I guess I’d better get crackin’!

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