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Radiation Level:  A Touch of Flair

Listening To:  When Saints Go Machine

So I’ve noticed a growing trend amongst middle school girls – they have collectively decided to attach “feathers” to their hair. It’s fun.  It’s rebellious.  I had to get one.

Okay, so I know it’s juvenile.  A minor step up from a glow in the dark Hello Kitty ring.  But these feathers now dominate the scalps of little girls all over Los Angeles and no one so much has squawked about it.  At least no one my age.

I was at Forever 21 on the Santa Monica Promenade when I saw two girls, approximately 13. I asked, “Excuse me, do you ladies know what those feathers are called that the girls are putting in their hair?”  They look at me like I’m a dolt. “Hair feathers.”  One girl says as she’s comparing shockingly cheap metal earrings most likely made by slave children in China.    “And,” I continued, “where do you get these hair feathers?”  Without making eye contact, the other girl says, “The hair salon.  They’re semi-permenant.”  With that she took her friend’s hand and walked away.  The hair salon!  Hmmm…

When I was in Trader Joe’s getting that frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken for my dinner, I noticed a Fantastic Sam’s next door.  I wandered in.  The decidedly un-hip lady at the reception desk asks if she can help me.  Just as I ask if they have hair feathers, I see a hand-written sign on the wall that says, “We have hair feathers.”  Fantastic, Sam!

She pulls out a box of about 3 feathered-hair ornaments.  I’m not crazy about any of them.  She says they’ve been chemically treated so you can wash them, flat iron them – anything you normally do to your hair.  Okay, let’s pull the trigger.  Five minutes and $35 later (I know you can get them cheaper) FalloutGirl flew out of the salon with her very own hair feather.

I taught a science class on Thursday and all the little girls said, “nice feather!”  One skeptical girl asked if it was “real” or just a “clip on.”  Oh, it’s real I assured her!  “Real” meaning it was “clamped” onto a piece of my hair.

Here you can see the tiny band and the crimping tool used to clamp it onto a tiny section of hair.

So how long will I keep it?  Maybe a week or two. I’m certain to get bored of it.  Unless it grows into an addiction and I start getting more and more feathers until I cluck like Thanksgiving turkey.

Like you could ever compete with these fab feathers, FalloutGirl!

Um, maybe not.  But I like my feather just the same.  However, I am suddenly craving sunflower seeds…

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