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Lisa Del Giocondo

Radiation Level:  10 Calories

Listening To:  Another World by Chemical Brothers

I taught my Post Modern Mona Lisa class again today.  If you didn’t see the last time I posted about my class, it’s part of the Leonardo Da Vinci curriculum.  I show the kids other people’s interpretation of the Mona Lisa and have them create their own.  My students are in 3rd-5th grade.  Here’s some of the fantastic art from today:

I just love the use of color in this one.

Very post-apocolypitc, just my style. I love the arrow pointing to "some random person"

This is my personal favorite. Just beautiful.

I love the duality in this interpretation of Mona Lisa. Especially the use of the question marks.

Love the humor in this one! Uh, that is supposed to be funny, right?

Fabulous nose and dirigible! (It's not often I get to say dirigible)

This one is full of soul. Enigmatic as Mona's smile.

Also fascinating use of proportion and color.

What a great day…







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