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Ghost Wedding

Radiation Level:  1825

Listening To:  Leave My Body by Florence and the Machine

So my cousin FringeBoy got married!  So darn happy for him.  His wife is lovely and fun and I’m thrilled they found each other.  The wedding was in Lexington, Kentucky.  Beside watching Justified on FX (which is mostly shot in the San Fernando Valley) and knowing it’s home to the Kentucky Derby, I knew very little about this great state.  So I was excited to visit for the first time.

The nuptial venue was the Keeneland Mansion.  Keeneland is known for thoroughbred horse racing and auctions.  It was a very large property and finding the “mansion” at night – despite it’s imposing name – took some detective work.  Not even the Keeneland grounds people knew where it was.  Was the mansion real or a myth?  Finally, we located it.

Built in 1825, I was thrilled to wander through the house, looking for any sign of 19th century life.  This.  Was. Bliss.  There were portraits of the former owners of the house, but each painting looked suspiciously like a paint by number.

Paint by number??? Gilbert Sullivan himself painted me!

(As a side note, one thing I noticed about Kentucky in general is that there are horse paintings, statues and well, horses, everywhere you go)

On a perpetual mission to interact with ghosts, I asked anyone I could find if the mansion was haunted.  One wedding guest, a sixth-grader, was eager to explore the cemetery behind the house.  And so was I.  NICE!

It was quite dark in the cemetery, so reading grave stones wasn’t an option.  But dark is good for ghosts, right?  I have an iPhone app called “Ghost Radar“.  It’s a radar screen that “detects” phantasmic orbs.

In addition to showing you the placement of the orbs, it voices words the ghosts are saying.  “Dark.  Death.  Mother.”  You get the picture.  So as the group of us (we’d collected some other curious paranormal investigators along the way) headed toward the cemetery, my Ghost Radar said, “Africa.”  The sixth-grader seemed stunned and excited by this.  He pointed to a small building and said, “The old slave quarters are right there!”

With this one word (Africa), the kid was IN, hook, line and sinker.  He listened to the words and held my iPhone looking for floating orbs.  I was playing it real, like I believed it, too.  Pretend is always more fun.

In addition to the Ghost Radar, I also have an app called Ghost Capture.  This allows you to add ghostly images to your photos.  Take a look at some of the tag-along ghosts we found at the wedding:

FalloutGirl with BrideGirl and...spooky 19th century lady?

The 19th century woman off to the right could certainly be the lady of the house.

IndependenceGirl with FringeBoy and dark man lurking...

This one had IndependenceGirl going at first.  I almost got away with it until she saw the next one.

Okay, so a civil war soldier was pushing it too far.  But it sure was fun looking for  ghosts and “finding” them.

Oh yeah, the wedding was fun, too!


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