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Radiation Level:  Atomic Fart

Listening To:  Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys

I’ve been iPadded.  Willingly, I should point out.  For so long I’ve been wondering what the heck I would do with an iPad given I already own a Macbook and an iPhone.  But lugging my laptop around to the schools to for teaching became cumbersome and DING!  I knew I must get an iPad for teaching.

This machine is beautiful.  It’s shiny, black and sleek.  The screen is gorgeous.  I totally understand Bjork’s Biophilia app in a whole new way.  Look:


This is from a movie about Bjork's DNA.

I think this is supposed to be one of her cells.

As for teaching, look at this Mona Lisa slide puzzle – can’t wait to use this with the kids.

Even da Vinci would be impressed!

I think the nephews will get a kick out of this app at Christmas…

FalloutGirl hearts Atomic Fart!

In all my wildest imaginations, I could never have thought this one up.  It’s called Atomic Fart and you can “launch” various fart sounds.  Some options are Spark Plug, The Aftershock and my personal favorite, the Duck Stepper.  You can also set a timer for the fart to go off remotely, allowing you to set your iPad near someone else and blame the fart on them when it goes off.  Oh, did I mention this app was FREE?

So, I’ve been sitting with my laptop, iPhone and iPad all surrounding me.  My life has officially gone virtual.  I now exist through these devices.  I think the singularity has happened.  I will now keep these machines within my robotic arm’s reach.  Merry Christmas to all avatars everywhere!




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