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So the new year is upon us.  Thank god.  I’m hoping there’s excitement, adventure, money and travel in 2012, as there were few of those things for me in 2011.  This morning in Richard Simmons’ class, he asked us to make a list of everything we accomplished in the past year.  After a cynical groan, I decided I would make that list and share it with you.

FalloutGirl’s Accomplishments in 2011 (in no particular order)

I wrote a play called Ring Around The Collar that was produced in Arizona.  And I got paid.  Okay, only $35, but still…

I’ve learned enough about iMovie to edit the first episode of my web show called She Blinded Me W Science.

I’ve written four Bar Mitzvah video scripts and they all turned out great.

I helped 3rd and 4th graders write screenplays that culminated in a hilarious live show.

Wore a feather in my hair.

Listened to the audio version of Frankenstein while sewing a Mary Shelly costume.

Attended my cousin’s wedding in Kentucky.

Interviewed geneticists at UCLA.

Blogged 68 times.

Made new friends.

Learned how to hold a boom microphone.

Worked with exotic animals like a Chinese Water Dragon and a Boa Constrictor.

I inspired over a hundred kids to create their own post-modern Mona Lisa.

Love the hands...

And my FAVORITE accomplishment of 2011…getting my photo with Ozzy from  Survivor!

Who will you meet in 2012?  What will you accomplish?  Many wonderful things, I hope!

Happy New Year from FalloutGirl:)



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