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Hello 2012!

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Okay, I was hoping for changes this year.  Didn’t think they would happen so fast.  Today I got offered a new job (details of which I will share when it’s official).  Right after I hung up, my phone rang again.  It was a current employer telling me a job I currently have is coming to an end.  Spooky that those two calls happened within minutes of each other.    Earlier this week my manager sent me an email that he’s moving into producing and out of management.  That’s three major changes this WEEK.  I know it’s the beginning of January and a lot of people resolve to make changes at the beginning of the new year, but still – didn’t see these things coming.

I want to be a well-paid screenwriter.  I want to make feature films.  BUT last week, I decided to open myself up to the universe for other types of writing work.  And it seems to be coming. I’m going to forego writing the clone pilot and start working on my book.  I’m excited.  I’m scared.  I’m willing to work hard.  I’m ready.

I’m making a film with gifted 3rd-5th graders called Psychotic Stabbing Nerds.  We had the table read yesterday.  Considering half the students forgot to take their scripts home with them to learn their lines, I’m not sure how smoothly it will go.  But it should be exciting (or harrowing) to see it all come together.

Learn your lines, darn it!

AND I’m going to be teaching another class where we’ll make a movie.  This time it will be about an historical event.  One of the suggestions from the school was the British burning down the white house.  !!!!!!  If you know me, you know my love for Dolley Madison and the war of 1812.  I finally get to make a movie about it!  GO DOLLEY!

So.  Things are changing.  Things are good.  I’m hoping they get even better for us all.


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