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Okay, as I mentioned in the last post, January has hit the ground running.  I started my new job this week and it was a wee bit more complicated than I thought it would be.  I’m reviewing films for an online magazine (I will link to them as they start to go up).  Of course I  enjoy going to screenings and giving my opinion (if only one could walk the treadmill while watching new films).  What I didn’t know was that I would need to enter the articles onto the site’s server and format them with photos and videos.  Ever heard of SEO?  That’s what I’m talking about, bitches!

Okay – I do this stuff with my blog, but let me tell you, for-profit websites are a heck of a lot different than using WordPress.  Sure, learning WordPress takes some time, but really, a nine-year-old could do it.  I spent seven hours yesterday trying to get one of my reviews properly formatted and it’s still not there.   Pictures have to be a certain size, placed a specific way depending on whether or not they’re vertical or horizontal, there are tag words, meta words, meta keywords to add, code to embed and don’t get me started on uploading video.

Well, the good news is that I’m learning all this stuff and certainly it will come in handy as I add more content to the web.  And a BIG thanks to RioGirl for getting me the gig (you seriously rock)!

So while I finish typing all my 1’s and 0’s that will magically turn into a movie review of Underworld: Awakening, take a gander at my students’ drawings of carnivorous plants (that’s right, Venus Flytraps!).

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  1. * Arlene says:

    good luck with the blogging… maybe in your next blog the will a lot of changes… right? 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 7 months ago

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