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Happy Birthday, CookieSister!

I woke up so excited today because I knew Richard Simmons was teaching his aerobics class!  He’s been in Canada the last couple Saturdays and I was sick before that, so I think it’s been over a month since I’ve been.  Who knew what a fabulous day it would turn out to be?

Today is April 7th, CookieSister’s birthday.  She would have been 35!  I would love to have known her in her 30’s.  This day is always happy and sad in a way that no other day is.

Well, occasionally Richard likes to raffle off some Barbie dolls.  Not just any Barbies, but fun, themed, vintage ones.  Today it was The Spring Bouquet Barbie – perfect for Easter!  Over a hundred of us put our names on little white pieces of paper and threw them into a bowl.  At the end of class, he picked the winner.  Richard actually asked one of the students to reach in and pull out a name.  I had this strange, dream-like premonition where I heard my name in my head.  After that, Richard spelled out FalloutGirl and I realized I had won the Barbie!

I can’t say that my sister was into Barbies or that we had some Barbie connection, but to win a little girl’s gift on her birthday makes me think that it was really a gift for her.  Or some kind of nod or wink from her from the great hereafter, whatever that may be.

I love you, kid!


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