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Three reasons why you should read my movie reviews…

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Most of you know Fallout Girl is reviewing movies.  I love my job – I mean who doesn’t like to give their opinion about movies?  If you’re not reading them, here’s why you may want to…

1) I judge a film by entertainment value.  Many Hollywood news outlets can be snobby, comparing this director’s current film to their last, or if they expected more from such an over-inflated budget, etc. Many also value a film’s box office total over a quality movie experience.  I try to give the low down on what to expect for your 12 or 15 bucks.  If it wasn’t that entertaining for me but I know your kids or your hubby will love it, I’ll say that too.  My reviews are practical and come from the point of view of a woman who loves movies.  Period.

2) I love watching sexy men (okay, and women).  What this means is, if Taylor Kitsch is looking particularly H-O-T, I’ll mention it. If Ewen McGreggor looks freaky-nerdy instead of freaky-sexy, I’ll let you know.  Same with the gals, especially if Jennifer Lawrence’s costumes and eyelashes are FABULOUS!

3) There is a secret code word.  In my reviews, I try to be fair and provide an unbiased journalistic commentary.  HOWEVER, if I really, really like a movie and as my friend, I think you should race out and see a film, I will end my review with “Enjoy!”  That my friends, is the ultimate seal of approval.

So there you go.  I had three this week.  Would love to know what you thought about:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The Dictator


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