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FalloutGirl gets 100,086 views!

Radiation Level:  Thousands affected

Listening To:  I Can Change by LCD Sound System

That’s right readers, we’ve hit over 100,000 page views – super exciting for a girl in a gas mask hiding underground!

Those of you with your own blog know that the “stats” page can be quite intriguing but also bizarre.  To give you a taste of what I mean, I’ll share with you some “search terms” people used to get to my blog – yes, these are actual words web users typed into Google or some other search engine that led them to thefalloutgirl.wordpress.com.

We’ll start with some freaky ones:

Loving sheep  (don’t want to know)

Sexy male feet and hole

High heel shoes on a black girl’s foot

Torture sex  (this one pops up a lot – disturbing…)

Punishment corset “pointe shoes”

Here are some educational queries:

Sentence structure Flowers in the Attic  (who doesn’t need to know this?)

Funeral etiquette teacher clothes  

Clinically insane certificates  (keep yours in a safe place, I do)

Describe earthquake weather

Fun for kids:

Craigslist puppets

Make the teacher scream (truly frightening)

Old Victorian dresses for little girls

Rabbit heads alice in wonderland

Wizard of Oz:

Wizard of oz ruby slippers with wine glass

Protagonist of Wizard of Oz novels

Keep moving forward Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Dorothy heel clicking

Fallout / Nuclear radiation related:

Fallout is about optimism (It is?)

Portable shelters

Hello kitty lamb gas mask

Glamour gas mask

Monkey related:

Chimp hard to believe they evolve from us (don’t get me started…)

Calculating chimp

Are chimpanzees man-eating?

Chimpanzees in public schools (what???)

And general “need-to-know” queries:

Disillusioned of my life

My life is a big zero

Boyfriend wears tights

Yes, you too can end up on my blog by searching “Boyfriend wears tights.”  What did you search to get here?

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