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The Good Week

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It’s been one long, mother of a week.  That said, I wouldn’t have changed one piece of it.  Here’s a detailed account of what FalloutGirl was up to…

Monday: Pick actor up in Venice at 7am.  Drive to West Hollywood for shooting my short film Wink.  My foray into directing.  Yes, it’s taken me this long.  Of course I made films this year with kids, but this was different.  This was my script, with real (AMAZINGLY TALENTED) actors. I was in charge.  I was oh so nervous.  I made my iPhone home-screen a photo of Aubrey O’Day, a girl who wins the award for most confidence ever and channeled her whenever I was feeling insecure.  It worked.  Though there are a few things I wish I had done differently, the performances were truly wonderful and I can’t wait to edit it together.  THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED!

Tuesday: Back in West Hollywood at 7:45 am.  This time I’m dressed as Ada Lovelace to perform a monologue and teach elementary school kids about binary code and computer programming.

A quick lunch at PF Chang’s (yum) and I’m off to the Valley for two science classes on blood. I delighted in giving all my students fake wounds with corn syrup and red food coloring.

Then a screening of Hit and Run which I can’t really comment about yet.

Wednesday:  Worked on movie reviews then went to two screenings.  The first was a top secret screening of Katy Perry’s new doc.  The audience was filled with little girls and then – Katy showed up!  She was delightful and the film was super interesting.

The next screening was Rock of Ages which I thought was going to be too campy for me, but I loved it.  Really entertaining!

Thursday:  Search for black dress and pink accessories to wear to Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger’s birthday party at Koi.  Do hair and make-up, then teach FIVE science classes.  The kids were so darn sweet, telling me I looked beautiful.  Hate to admit it, but I will miss them.

After changing into stockings and a dress in an elementary school bathroom (don’t try this at home), I drove to Koi on La Cienega where I live blogged about the Patti’s party until midnight. Did I mention I was exhausted?

Friday:  Went to see a 10:25 AM screening of That’s My Boy.  Wrote a quick review then went to teach my last two science classes for the school year.  After that, I went to a little gathering of some of the teachers I work with.  Good food.  Good wine.  Good night.

Saturday:  10AM screening of Brave.  Then a delicious nap.

Sunday:  Pick up a director friend of mine at the U-Haul place and deliver her to  her car. Now, coffee, cereal and blogging.

Happy Sunday!

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