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Jack White Concert Review

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Most of you know I’ve been waxing poetic about Blunderbus, Jack White’s new album. Last night I got to see him play live at the Shrine.  HOLY-MOLEY!

While the sound was incredibly poor, instruments and voices going in and out at random, the show was sublime.

He played Saturday’s show with his all-girl band.  (He has two bands – one is all guys and thankfully, that one played Friday) It was such a treat to see a male-rocker supported by lovely and talented women.  Super cool, Jack.  But you probably know that.

Love Interruption is one of my favorite songs on the CD, so I was thrilled to watch it performed live with Ruby Amanfu, whose face is just as beautiful as her voice.

Aside from the show, the concert made for fantastic people watching.  There was a woman who was dressed as a blue bride with a blue dress, blue lips and a blue vail.  There was a whole contingent of men and women representing what I call “Farmer Chic”.  Oh, and giant, over-sized black-rimmed eye glasses are the hot new nerd accessory.

Overall, the show made for a great night!

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