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Happy 197th Birthday, Ada Lovelace

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Ada, you are my BFF!  I’d give anything to share a bottle of claret with you today and celebrate – maybe go to the horse races or just talk about the amazing future.  If only you could see me typing away on my laptop, blogging about YOU!

See, Ada knew she would be famous after her death.  So being the subject of the Google doodle proves her prophecy correct – such a smart girl!

If you don’t know Ada, you can do a quickie-Wiki here.  What I can tell you is that she lived and breathed the future of computing.  The daughter of the romantic poet Lord Byron, she worked with Charles Babbage to help others understand the genius of his Analytical Engine.

The Countess of Lovelace is controversial.  There are haters who think she’s overrated.  Of course these haters are men.

To me, Ada is an unbridled spirit, incapable of accepting the status quo for women in the 19th century.  She had big ideas and wanted more than anything to touch the glorious promise of the years to come.

To me, Ada is inspiration to young girls. I often dress up as Ada and travel to elementary schools, teaching young students about this amazing woman and teaching them about binary code.

To me, Ada is a friend. A companion I’ve spent thousands of hours with, writing my bio-pic screenplay about her and now, a young adult novel. Ada Lovelace is my muse.

To me, Ada is a heroine.  She spoke up to the Royal Science Society and to anyone who would listen about Babbage’s engines.

Ada, shine bright today and lead the way for women all over the planet who want to excel in the sciences.  Our planet needs them.


Okay, FalloutGirl, I’ll yell if I have to!