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In the Mood…for WHAT???

Radiation Level:  10 Years Today

Listening To:  MASHUPS!!

I was searching for a mashup of Hey Jude for a bar mitzvah video I was working on and decided to download a few MP3’s to listen to at the gym.  If you’re not familiar with mashups, they are two popular songs mixed together by some ambitious DJ.  I like mashups because they provide a new way to experience an old song, giving it new life.  I will say however, that just because you CAN mashup two songs, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  Case in point: The Police.  Spin teachers at YAS are constantly playing Police mashups and they NEVER work. Sting’s voice is often too subtle to appropriately balance whatever rocker’s screech the DJ has mixed in.  Besides, Police songs are too complex on their own and don’t need some nerd with an iPad reinventing them.  That said, my favorite one that I think works beautifully is NIN’s Closer mixed with The Beatles’ Come Together.

THIS MASHUP however, had me laughing my balls off at the gym.  I don’t know why I think it’s so hilarious, but, damn, give it a listen.

When I heard it, I wasn’t watching the video, I was sitting on a spin bike with my iPod.  I debated as to whether or not to include the vid in this post because I wanted you all to experience it like I did, but I decided the vid adds to the wackness.  (And as you know, FalloutGirl is all about the wack.)

I have very strong memories of each of these songs.  In The Mood was the name of a musical review I did in High School.  I sang  (a solo) the fabulous Carmen Miranda song Tico Tico.

I also tap danced to Rhapsody in Blue and Swing Danced to In the Mood.

In my 20’s I was enthralled by RATM and saw them at Lollapalooza when I was on mushrooms (I was never more miserable and nauseas in my life.  I started crying, bawling really.  Needless to say, I never took mushrooms again – HORRID!)  But I loved cranking the song Killing in the Name Of on my car stereo and singing along.  So testosterone ridden!  And ANGRY.  SEXY ANGRY.  I guess that’s why this particular pairing of the two songs tickles me.  Only a twisted mind would do such a thing.  And I heart twist.

FalloutGirl wants to know what you think of the mashup…