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The Long Week

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Last weekend I had a scratchy throat.  But it seemed like it was on its way out.  I went to Richard Simmons on Saturday and worked out extra hard for some reason.  I was exhausted after and the sore throat got worse.  I rested on Sunday, I don’t even think I left the house.  Then Sunday night BurbankGirl asked if I wanted to help her strike props from the set of the Bachelor.  The pay was good and I had the daytime free.  So I said yes.  THEN she said I had to be there at 6am.

I tried to cancel, see if she could get anyone else, but there was no one.  It’s not that I can’t get up at 5am, it’s just I knew my sore throat may not go away.  I was right.

Monday:  Striking props from the Bachelor:  I was tired, but it wasn’t that bad.  I did a Starbucks run.  I did an In N Out run.  I worked from 6am to 2:30pm.  I came home, thought about sleeping but I had a meeting at 6pm for my upcoming math and technology family night.  I went.  Feeling tired and my voice was getting scratchy.

Tuesday:  Taught Zome class.  I tried not to speak over my students, but they get so darn excited.  We made the Great Wall of China, after all.  My voice was barely in tact at the end of the class.  I was happy to sit silently through two screenings –  Intruders with Clive Owen and John Carter in 3D.  Voice completely gone.

Wednesday:  Was supposed to start Weight Watchers and go to a meeting with DanishGirl, but being mute seemed to make it moot.  I postponed it.  I had to teach my last historical mockumentary class.  I emailed the other teacher to said I would not be able to speak.  He said fine.  I actually used the speech tool on my Final Draft software when I needed to say something.  The kids got a kick out of it.  Then, Family Night as Ada Lovelace.  Would I have a voice?  I’ve heard of singers getting cortisone injected into their larynx when they lose their voice.  That seemed a bit extreme. So instead I decided I would take an anti-inflammitory and gargle with olive oil to lubricate my vocal chords.  It worked  – at first.  My monologue as Ada Lovelace went swimmingly, including my hair piece falling out (big laugh) and then I stuffed it into my shirt (bigger laugh).  But as soon as I started teaching, the coughing started.  And wouldn’t stop.  My lesson was on binary code which I never had a solid grasp on in the first place, then trying to teach it using as few words as possible?  Let’s just say there were plenty of confused kids and parents.  Did I mention I had THREE classes in a row?

Thursday:  I spent the morning finishing up my movie reviews, trying to conjure up cheeky titles.  Did I succeed?  Judge for yourself by clicking on the links.  Then I taught science – 5 classes in 3 hours – no way to keep my voice in tact.  Then a screening of Mirror Mirror.  Then I had to prep my M.C. Escher costume – but where the f*ck is it?  I looked EVERYWHERE, texted my bosses.  Couldn’t find it…

Friday:  Found costume in the garage (whew!).  I played M.C. Escher from 8am to 2:30pm.  Teaching all day.  Voice rough and raw.  So tired.  Feet hurt.

And that was my week.  I’m hoping to go to Richard Simmons tomorrow, but I probably should take it easy.  then I’m supposed to have a bar mitzvah video meeting at 3pm…

Work is good.  I like to be busy.  I’m exhausted.  (wine)