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It was a fast-paced, totally weird summer that left me with my tongue hanging out of my mouth, Cyrus-style. After seeing nearly every movie that was released – and there were some real clunkers, in 3D no less – I was relieved of my film criticism duties to focus more on…


What the heck am I gonna do?  I’m a writer.  I’m disillusioned with screenwriting at the moment, however.  Panic set in.  Self-loathing, doubt.  The thing about being an entertainment writer/film critic is that I was busy every moment and didn’t have time to focus on my lack of success in the film world.  It was novocaine via work.

So I decided, after long years of urging by AmishGirl, to become a novelist.

Okay, so technically, I started the novel last summer, but now – in light of the new opening of my schedule – it was time to to make the magic happen.

I’ve written 30k words.  I’m told It needs to be 80 -120k.  So I’m not far into it, but certainly on my way.  Yes, friends, that’s a lot of words.  And punctuation.  And sitting!

My right shoulder (my mouse arm) is currently very stiff and hurts a lot.  I will make a doctor’s appoint tomorrow, but I’m not sure if there’s much they can do other than tell me to lay off the laptop.  Maybe a shot of cortisone?  Amputation?

Many of you know I was doing Weight Watchers. I lost a total of 18 pounds, but gained 7 back as soon as I stopped counting points, so I’m trying to turn up the exercise.

I’m addicted (and managed to addict SeattleGirl) to a “Body Pump” class at my gym with an Austrian teacher we refer to as Frau Ludviga.  She’s every Austrian stereotype you can think of – white-blonde hair, cold personality and likes to put “v’s” where “w’s” should go in her speech.  She runs her class like a German train or Swiss watch.  Each set of reps ends as the electonica song ends. To the second. The class is mostly using a bar-bell where we change the amount of weight depending on what part of the body we’re working (legs, back, triceps, biceps, etc.). Shoulders are particularly difficult for me right now.  I thought pushing through the pain would make the pain go away. It hasn’t, but my biceps are really getting toned.

In addition to Frau Ludviga, I try to walk and climb the Culver City stairs 2 times a week.  From my house, it’s about an hour and a half round trip. Quicker if I jog part of the way. But I love being up at the top. It’s so surprising to me how much wildlife there is in Culver City.  Part of it is being so near to the Ballona Creek and the Baldwin Hills. At the top of the stairs, I’ve seen numerous snakes, lizards and birds.  But also bunnies!

photoThis rabbit has become like my talisman, as if seeing it portends a good omen.  For a while, I saw one every time I went. Then, I went about a month without seeing one, but just the other day, I saw two!

Take a look at this photo – they are so well camouflaged, I didn’t notice the second bunny for a few minutes.

photoAs for work, I’ve been writing the bar mitzvah video scripts and oy vey, have they been challenging.  Not to kvetch too much, it’s a good job.  One video is actually going to be shown on the Jumbo-Tron at Dodger Stadium!  They are just harder to write then they sound. The good news is that my Yiddish is improving.

A couple weeks ago, I went to help out a caterer friend of mine with a party.  Turns out, it was a bar mitzvah.  I felt as if I was in some surreal Franz Kafka tale, where instead of turning into a cockroach, I was slowly turning into a Jew. Which isn’t a bad thing, I just don’t know how this agnostic, post-theist got hooked up with so much old-time religion. If I believed in a god, I would think she was trying to tell me something.

I’m going to try to keep up with blogging.  So feel free to come back anytime.


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